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7 Tips to Success in Your College Study

Many working individuals are returning to continue their college study either offline or online. Most of working individuals are pursuing their career related degree either for the purpose of preparation for job promotion or career advancement. If you have worked for quite some time, returning to college may needed some time to adapt yourself to the new learning curve and get yourself to success complete your degree program.

For a working adult that goes back for study, you may find that the greatest challenge for you is find your time to work, live and allocate time for study. Here are 7 tips to maximum your time allocation for study and successfully complete your degree on time.

Tip #1: Bring a long your book where ever you go.

For a working adult who is taking courses, time is really constraint for you; you must smartly and fully utilize any free time available. Time spent waiting in line and in the car or time left after lunch hour can be your study time. Hence, always bring along at least a book with you where ever you go so that you can fully utilize any leisure time for your study.

Tip #2: Keep a recorder in your handbag or suitcase.

After reading a chapter or a book some time a new idea or solution may come across your mind, if you did not record it immediately, you may not be able to recall it later. Hence, always keep a recorder in your handbag or suitcase so that you can use it to record any new idea, assignment draft or solutions to homework or assignment. If you do have recorder, at least bring along papers and pen, but recorder is very useful if ideas flow and you can’t write thing down.

Tip #3: Bookmark important point with post-it note.

Once you have finished a chapter, try to summary it into point form and write these points in post-it note and paste it on the top corner of that chapter. These post-it bookmarks will save you a lot of time when you need re-read for examination preparation.

Tip #4: Learn to say “NO”

While pursue your college degree, you should reduce time waited on entertainment and shopping. Sometime, you need to learn how to say “No” when you friend ask you to go out for movie or other entertainment so that you can spend more time for study. Of course, you can’t eliminate totally your entertainment time else your life will be boring, just reduce some hours so that you can allocate more time for your study.

Tip #5: Find a study environment that is comfort to you

If you are a kind person that can be interrupted during your study time, then you should find a quite place such as library for study, and during your study time, switch your cell phone to silent mode so that your won’t be interrupted by any incoming calls.

Tip #6: Write down notes or highlight important points

While reading a chapter, write down important notes on that chapter or use highlighter to mark the parts that are important so that it will ease your revision and preparation for examination.

Tip #7: Find time to rest & exercise

Don’t let yourself to go exhausted. Effective time management to allocate enough time for rest and do a bit of exercise so that you keep your body health and your mind always in refresh condition to absorb the most from your study.


In order to face your greatest challenge of college degree study and allocate your time effectively for work, live and study, you need to make micro-changes on your living style so that your have the maximum time to study and complete your degree program on time.

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