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Acting Schools

Going to acting schools is definitely not an uplifting or an encouraging experience. A lot of people take kids acting classes when they’re children as a way to improve the chances of getting into school plays and to have some fun in a rewarding hobby, but it usually doesn’t go any further than that. Acting school is serious business. In an acting class for teens, you will be flooded with praise for the slightest thing you do right. Even if you are a miserable actor with no chance of ever succeeding in anything, it doesn’t matter. You could be Keanu Reeves himself, and the teacher would still pretend that you had talent. This is why so many people get involved in theater and film majors later in life – their childhood drama class coaches tricked them into it.

Acting schools are some of the bleakest places on earth. You see, for actors everything is about appearance – that’s the nature of the trade. Acting schools, for this reason, are truly cutthroat places. Everyone tries to disguise their own imperfections and insecurities, coming across as confident, self-assured, and above the rest. Nonetheless, everyone in acting schools is surrounded by other people like this. This means that, behind the scenes, everyone drowns in there own insecurities. If you’re in your early 20s and in acting school, it means that you probably haven’t landed any serious roles – few actors have by this age. Nevertheless, your days as an actor are already numbered. For film acting, you begin early or you begin never.

I first started taking acting classes in New York a few years ago. I was going through film school at the time, but I was realizing that I did not want to direct. I simply didn’t have it in me. I thought that I would gain more from transferring to a full-time acting school, and I did pretty well in the auditions. I wish I had not gotten in in retrospect. Acting schools are the pits. Once you get that first taste of the potential for fame and fortune, it is hard to give up, but this doesn’t mean you are going to succeed. Basically, acting schools play with your emotions. There is nothing more glamorous than the famous actor, but there is also nothing more pathetic than a would be actor who has failed. Many fail and few succeed.

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