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Becoming an Adult Education Teacher

Teaching adults is a bit different from teaching children in public or private schools. Teachers of adult education are often instructing adults who want to either start or finish their college education so they can advance in their career or begin a new one. In some cases the education takes place in a trade or vocational school, which is different from a traditional college or university because the courses are often shorter and the focus is on training for a trade, or vocation. Examples might include but are not limited to auto mechanics, welding, cosmetology, bookkeeping and more.

The needs for teaching adults will vary depending on your region and the school at which you are teaching. At some institutions, work experience in the field can substitute for a teaching degree. Also, many regions do not need these types of teachers to have certification. It all depends on what you are teaching and where. If you want to teach at a college or university, you may need a minimum of a bachelors degree. Check into the needs in your area, as they vary depending on where you are. The Internet is a vast source of information on this subject.

One of the newest areas for teachers in this field is distance learning. This involves teaching from a remote location, via the Internet. There is very little interaction with students or other teachers. Most of the coursework is developed and placed online for students to download or work on online. Tests and quizzes are often taken through the school website. As a distance learning teacher, you may have some real-time classes via Internet with your students but most of the assignments and grading is done remotely. This is a good career field for teachers who want job flexibility. Many students who choose distance learning are adults who work full time and/or have children and cannot manage attending college full-time.

Working as an adult education teacher can be very satisfying because you are helping people achieve their goals and better themselves and their lives. These days there are not only lots of opportunities for teachers in this field, but for adults who want to obtain their degree or vocational training but may not be able to attend college on a full time basis. Being an adult educator is something that has a positive impact on the careers and lives of people and their families, which is something to feel good about.

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