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Applying for College and Completing the Requirements

Going to college can be an exciting event for most high school students. This way they can complete their schooling and explore the career that they want to pursue not only to land themselves appropriate and good jobs but also to develop their skills, talents and potentials.

There are different schools that you may choose from. These colleges do have different admission policies which need certain evaluative measures of students. Since there are lots of students competing for slots in college admissions, you must have a head start and immediately complete your application.

But what do college applications consist of? These are 1) your high school record, 2) your test scores, 3) your essay, 4) letters of recommendation, 5) the application form and lastly, 6) the application fee.

There is usually no limit to the number of colleges to which you may apply but an application should be passed for each school. Once you have the application form, you may start processing your college application until you complete the applications and submit before the deadlines.

Most colleges or universities need handwritten or type-written college application forms. But there are also some that receive online applications. Usually, written in the college application form are the different needs for your application.

The high school transcript form in your college application form must be filled out or completed by an official in your high school. Usually, there are people assigned to complete all these forms. If not, then your adviser is the one responsible for completing this form. Depending on the time that you process, you may wait for at least a week for this form to be completed by the assigned school official. In some emergency cases, this form may be rushed to beat deadlines.

You must also complete the test scores of the SAT and the ACT. These test scores are standard scoring systems to evaluate the student’s ability at certain academic aspects and in doing college-level works. The SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is administered by the Educational Testing Service. This includes critical reading, mathematics and writing. The ACT or American College Testing is a college entrance achievement test produced by the ACT, Inc. This test comprises of four subjects such as English, Mathematics, Reading and Science with an optional essay writing test.

The SAT is offered seven times a year which is administered three times during fall, once in the winter and three times in spring. Some students take the SAT more than once. There is no limit in taking this test but it is best not to take it more than three times. Schools will have access to all your scores, anyway.

The ACT is given six times a year which are administered three times during fall, once in winter and twice in spring. It can also be taken more than once and has no limit. You may also choose certain scores for specific colleges. The poor score remains confidential.
Process your letter of recommendation. Choose who among your teachers, counselors or other adult is best to ask for a letter of recommendation. You may submit more than one letter of recommendation depending on the target college’s needs. You must give enough time for the person who would make your letter of recommendation so that it is done before the deadline of submission.

Essays are important needs in your college application. In some schools, they pay larger attention to the writings of their applicants. To give a good impression to your target school, you must work properly with your essay. You must give your best in writing it. One common faced in writing the essay is choosing the best topic to write about.

Make your essay interesting. You should write about yourself that is not obvious from the rest of your application. Maximize the essay to disclose yourself and make a good impression on them. While your application form and records can speak about you, in an essay you can actually talk in words to the schools officials of your target college.

After you have completed all the needs, prepare the application fee and submit your application form to the college or university. Try to relax while waiting for the results.

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