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Find the Best College that Offers the Best Program You Want

A college degree is an invaluable tool to succeed in life. Although some of the most successful people may not have a degree under their name, it still remains to be the surest way to guarantee yourself a better future.

Finding the best college according to your chosen major needs some research. But hopefully, the list below will help you decide where to go.

Top Undergraduate Business Program

Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania may be considered the most prestigious college business program in the US. It is the only business program that belongs in the Ivy League. Most graduates of this college climb the ladder in banks, corporations and consulting firms.

Top General Studies Program

There is no other general studies program in the country that can top what Boston University can offer. The college uses a team approach when teaching their students. Five faculty members from diverse backgrounds team up to strengthen their students’ interdisciplinary studies by having open forums and dialogues with the students.

Top Film and Theater Program

Nestled in the hub of film and theatre production, the University of California in Los Angeles provides the greatest focus to both forms of entertainment. Whether for film, television, or stage, it allows the creativity of the students to flourish and prepares the students to the ground work of all the aspects of production.

Top Interior Design Program

If you are looking for flexibility and stability in the interior design industry, the New York School of Interior Design is for you. It is the largest interior design program found in NY but one that also provides an intimate student faculty ratio to make sure the students’ clear understanding of the theories and concepts of the curriculum.

It allows students to have a traditional college course work and also gives those who are already working to earn their degree in a less unstructured way. But ultimately, NYSID is designed to prepare its students to be licensed and certified interior designers.

Top Philosophy Degree

If you are the type who is constantly searching for the most reasonable answers to life’s perennial questions, then getting a philosophy degree may interest you. The philosophy program of Brown University offers a wide array of concentrations. You can choose a major in philosophy focusing on logic, ethics or metaphysics. By offering more areas, Brown University helps expand the understanding of students about philosophy while allowing them to discover and concentrate on what truly interest them.

Choosing a college or a university involves many factors. One of the most important things that you should consider is the program the school offers in your chosen major. After deciding on what to major in college, try to compare first the programs of different colleges in your list before finally deciding where to go.

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