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Shifting Majors: What to do When You Have a Change of Heart

After the long process of admission, you finally got into what you thought would make you happy. Then, eventually, you found yourself in the midst of chaos. You find it difficult to fit in. Your expectations are not met and your enthusiasm goes downhill. Suddenly, you are beginning to be unsure about the major you have chosen. If you have thoughts of changing your college degree major, here are some things that you need to consider.

  • Ask yourself whether you should shift to a new major or stay.

Many students, most especially college freshmen, go through a lot of stressful events when dealing with their current school. It may be issues pertaining to academics, relationships, or social interaction. College is a very challenging stage in your life so try to assess first the issues that you need to resolve before considering changing your major. You have to determine whether your major is the main cause of your despair. Consult your advisors. Know if the classes you’ve chosen are too stressful or too easy to incite your interest. Then allow time for you to evaluate your performance and how you are dealing with your major before making the decision.

  • Give yourself a good reason to justify your change of heart.

There is no perfect college or a perfect academic program. So if your reason for shifting to another major is a little superficial like not being in good terms with your classmates or avoiding a prerequisite subject. You have to reassess yourself unless of course when your reasons involves easing financial strain or if you discovered you wanted to pursue a whole different career.

Weigh the pros and cons of shifting to a new major. Remember that there is no degree available that is free from any disappointment or struggle.

  • Prepare yourself and your credentials before transferring to a new major.

Although there is no right time for changing your major, you have to consider not only your reasons for transferring but also the status of your grades. Shifting to a new major will put you in the same process of applying for a slot in college. So before transferring, be sure that you meet the needs of the program you want to get into. Study well and get good grades. Build your credentials. Don’t give them the impression that you’re only transferring because you failed in your previous major. Show them that you have what it takes to be successful in the future.

College is a time of many discoveries. If you decided to change your college major, don’t think that you failed. It only means that you have discovered what you truly want to do in life. Follow your heart. Good luck!

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