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College By Major

Do not be bummed or surprised if you lack direction regarding education and life in general. We all tend to find ourselves walking this path of confusion at some point in life. Most likely that time will follow high school and drag into the college years. Now, this might or may not affect your University choice. Even though we had all prefer to select a college by major and career goals, it doesn’t always happen that way. The good news is the first two years of college is generally standard courses that don’t apply directly to your major. Sure, you have to take them, but this grants you some thinking time. And if you decide on a major that is not offered at the University you’re currently attending, simply transfer to another.

I routinely tell my teenage daughter that she must select an accredited University. I do not care what school she initially attends as long as the credits count and are transferable. The last thing you want is to spend oodles of money, time and effort on an education that means nothing in the real world. I have seen this happen before, and it’s really sad. I have personally known a few individuals who transferred to a four-year University from religious colleges and none of their credits transferred. That pretty much means a fresh start all the way from the beginning. YUCK! College is long as it is.

Now, if you can already choose a college by major, straight out of high school, then you’re doing great. The truth is you’re ahead of most of us. Going into college, I had no clue what major to choose. It actually took me a year and a half to figure it out. I ended up switching mine twice. But, this isn’t a bad thing. That’s what college life is all about. Of course if you wish to get a head begin on the game, you can always hop online and search any college by major before the time actually comes. Find out what Universities offer the ideal programs that pertain to your individual goals. Naturally we all want to know what major to focus on from the very start, but again, it typically isn’t so cut and dry. Just start with a reputable University and take it from there if you have no clue yet. The rest will fall into place as you go.

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