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College Degrees with the Highest Salaries?

There are times when you simply have to set aside personal aspirations in favor of the most financially advantageous choice. If that’s what you should do as well with regard to your future college degree, here are several options for you to consider:

Occupation: Dentist
Average Salary: $110,000
Academic Requirement: Graduate degree
If you’re looking for a college degree that promises excellent financial incentives, commence your search by considering a degree in dentistry. Although you’ll have to obtain a graduate degree as well, your future salary will easily make all your hard work worth it.

If you don’t find the idea of becoming a tooth doctor particularly desirable, you can also consider any other medical degree as these lead to high-paying jobs as well.

Occupation: Chemical Engineer
Average Salary: $46,900
Academic Requirement: At least a 4-year college degree
Although the term chemical engineering is certainly intimidating, if you’ve a natural aptitude for science and math, a keen wish to learn, and willingness to exert mental effort in pursuit of a college degree, you definitely have what it takes to become a chemical engineer.

If, however, you don’t find being a chemical engineer likeable, you can also consider becoming an industrial engineer as well.

Occupation: Nurse
Average Salary: $32,927
Academic Requirement: 4-year college degree
If you’re good at caring people then you should seriously consider obtaining a college degree in nursing. Nursing jobs are also expected to increase in demand and salary in the future so you don’t have to worry about the difficulties of finding a job upon graduation.

Occupation: Psychologist
Average Salary: $37,800
Academic Requirement: At least a 4-year college degree
Are you good at helping others with their problems? Are you good at listening to others? Has your intuition proven to be reliable in various circumstances? If so, then you definitely have a future in psychology. The great thing about this particular degree is that all you need is a keen understanding of human behavior and emotions – and not its physiology!

Occupation: Anything related to computer science
Average Salary: $45,700
Academic needment: 4-year college degree
If you’ve always been fond of all things computer, then rejoice because you don’t have to sacrifice personal aspirations in search of financial rewards. And since there are no signs of the Information Age leaving us any time soon, you’ll surely have a longstanding career to look forward to that will only pay better than ever.

Those are of course not your only choices for choosing a college degree that promises future financial stability so do take the time to explore your options well because it’s truly your future happiness and comfort at stake.

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