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Copywriting As A Writing Career

Have you been thinking about starting a writing career? Don’t overlook copywriting. You can still enjoy being creative with your writing, while making a good income. You can get started earning money fairly quickly, and a good copywriter can make a six-figure salary or higher. Take a look at these three tips to help get you started.

1. Understand that copywriting is persuasive writing. A copywriter creates advertising and marketing pieces. These may be small advertisements, or even full scripts for audio or video. Even product manuals are not out of the question.

Copywriters often end up specializing in a certain area. Your specialty might be in writing for the internet, or radio scripts, or direct mail. You can make money while you’re learning, and your projects and clients will grow along with your experience. Plus, you can increase your fees as long as your copy brings good results.

2. Understand the audience for your copy: start by understanding yourself. To become an effective copywriter, you need to understand yourself, thinking about your own motivations and drives, so that you can put yourself into the mindset of others.

However, although an understanding of psychology is useful, you’re not studying to be a charlatan: if you don’t believe in a product, it’s wise refuse the project. Top copywriters are honest both with themselves and with their clients, as well as in the copy they write.

3. Remember “what’s in it for me”, and include calls to action in your copy. Your customers are motivated solely by their own concerns, so you’ll need to find triggers which will jolt them into action.

The copy you write has a purpose, and that is to get the prospects to take some kind of action. You want them to click a link, make a phone call, join a list, order a product, or whatever it may be. If they don’t respond to your copy, there’s no point. You have to create a great offer with a strong call to action to get the wished response.

If you put these three tips in your copywriting: write persuasively, understand the psychology of selling, and create strong calls to action, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful copywriter.

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