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My college experience in many ways was pretty typical of an undergraduate education. It’s true that I went to one of the top universities, but it wasn’t so different from any other school. I partied, I studied, I fell in love, I broke up – all the usual college drama. I majored in a course that I thought would satisfy me for the rest of my life, stated goodbye to some good friends, and kept in touch with other ones. Then a few years later, I had a breakdown.

Even though my MBA had set me up for a good career, I realized that I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. It was all work and no play. It’s not that I’m afraid to work hard, but I like to also enjoy my job. I wasn’t having a good time, and as such my job performance was falling. I was bored by what I was doing day in and day out, and I just couldn’t stay interested in it anymore. That’s why decided to take a distance education school program.

I had never really thought about distance education schools. I had figured that they were not respectable institutions. Nevertheless, when I found out about distance education programs surprised me. The more research I did, the more I realized that a distance education school was for me. You see, I was a working professional. Even though I was looking for a new career, I knew that I couldn’t immediately stop working. After all, I had house payments, car payments, and numerous other expenses to keep up with. A distance education school was the ideal solution. Even though it took a lot of time, I was able to arrange it around my own schedule. As a result, I never felt overstressed. It was something that I could handle.

Best of all, my distance education degree has really been all I needed to get a job. I had always assumed that it would be harder to get a career with a correspondence school degree, but it has been pretty easy for me. I took a distance education school course in computer science, and although the job market has shrunk somewhat in recent years, it is still large enough. I was able to find a good job right out of school, and I never had to halt working full time. It really has made a massive difference in my life!

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