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Interior Design Distance Education

Are you in the interior design working world? Have you ever wanted to be? Do most of your friends come to you when they are asking for interior design advice? Do your friends admire the way you have decorated your own home, wishing they could duplicate your efforts? If so, interior design distance education can … Read more

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Private Universities

Do not forget about college! It might not feel like the most exciting route when you come out of high school, but try not to dismiss the importance of a higher education. For those of you who are stoked about college life, you’re in for a wonderful experience. I am sure you have already heard … Read more

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Distance Education Schools

My college experience in many ways was pretty typical of an undergraduate education. It’s true that I went to one of the top universities, but it wasn’t so different from any other school. I partied, I studied, I fell in love, I broke up – all the usual college drama. I majored in a course … Read more