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Elementary Education Career

Sometimes known as “early childhood education” an elementary education career is the teaching of children from kindergarten to 5th or 6th grade. People who choose this career are those who adore children and hope to make a difference in the lives of the ones they teach. These folks enjoy sharing what they know, understand a variety of subjects, are passionate about their work, and can make learning fun.

Teachers working in an elementary education career often do more than teach. They also work as counselors and disciplinarians as well as serve as role models for both parents and student. Many spend years serving in elementary education often while continuing their studies to advance their careers.

An elementary school educator usually teaches all the basic studies including math, reading, science and geography. Some will specialize in subjects such as art or music to move from one grade level to another.

Degree Required for an Elementary Education Career:
Those seeking to pursue an elementary education career in the private sector must obtain at minimum a certificate to teach. Those seeking an elementary education career in the public school system must receive a Bachelor Degree and, if specializing, a Masters in whatever subject with a minor in Early Childhood Education.

Special Skills Needed To Succeed in an Elementary Education Career:

  • Love of children – elementary education revolves around youngsters from age 5 to 13.
  • Knowledge in basic studies including math, science, reading and geography – teacher teaches all the basic studies to the entire class. If degreed in a specialized area of study, you can move from class to class or one grade level to the next.
  • Depths of patience – you are helping to shape the lives of future generations.
  • Flair for life and passion for work – children can sometimes be difficult if they find any given subject boring. You must be able to make learning enjoyable as well as challenging.
  • Strong sense of values – You are usually called upon to counsel children and sometimes even their parents when life throws a curve at them. Having a strong sense of yourself and your own values usually helps.
  • Good organizational skills – You will be needed to not only teach but maintain grades on each student, monitor each student’s progress or lack thereof, and make lesson plans in each subject.
  • Great Imagination – For some learning is difficult at best, boring at least. Having a great imagination will make an otherwise dull subject exciting for youngsters.

So, if you love children and have a passion for life, you’re sure to enjoy a prosperous and fruitful elementary education career!

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