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Free Nursing Continuing Education Online Classes

Certain professional fields need the ongoing education of their specialists, particularly those in rapidly changing vocations such as nursing. Nurses are needed to take a number of credit hours to maintain their license to practice. Free nursing continuing education classes can help to keep those in this field informed when it comes to the many aspects of nursing that arise that are not taught in the general nursing courses, leading to better job performance.

Free nursing continuing education classes found online can be very helpful to those looking to gain extra knowledge and keep up with current trends in the nursing field. The classes and their subject matter are as varied in content as the branches of the nursing field and are often taught by accredited and reputable schools and organizations. These free nursing continuing education classes count just as much as any other class taken for licmake sure. These credits are also measured in contact hours and recorded with the state. Contact hours are the number of hours spent in a nursing continuing education program.

Examples of free nursing continuing education classes include the following topics:

  • Bioterrorism Awareness: defining terrorism, symptoms of WMD events, personal protective equipment, handling biological agents and reporting bioterrorist events
  • Harmonizing Diversity: sensitivity training to strengthen relations between co-workers
  • Chronic Illness in Correctional Settings: treatment planning for those with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and HIV in correctional settings
  • OSHA, HIPPA and JCAO: keeping up with the latest regulations and guidelines in the medical field
  • Disaster and the Nurse Responder: overcoming stress/anxiety for nurses responding in natural disasters

Free nursing continuing education classes are helpful in providing information to nurses who may be seeking to go off into another branch of nursing or who already work another branch part-time. The field of nursing is in greater demand than ever before and to fill the many empty positions, a number of nurses moonlight in fields closely related to their current branch. These classes help them to brush up on the position and maintain a level of care that is at its optimum.

Making use of the many free nursing continuing education classes available online is always an attractive option for the professional who has little time to sit in a traditional classroom and listen to lectures. The flexibility of the program means the class can be attended at any time of the day or night, with learning set to the pace of the professional who merely needs an internet connection to begin.

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