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Health Education Career: A World Of Opportunity

People who are thinking about a health education career should know that PE or “Phys. Ed.” is now categorized as Kinesiology. Kinesiology is the study of movement and the effects of movement in the area of health and wellness. Knowledge is power and a person studying for a degree in Kinesiology will gain wisdom in all areas of the body and how movement relates to each. They also receive training in topics like cardiopulmonary resuscitation, health and nutrition, as well as disease prevention.

Of course there’s more to a health education career than just PE and the healthcare industry is one of the largest areas of employment in the world today. Physical therapy, psychology, and medical technician are all examples of jobs available.

Other professions in the healthcare industry are Medical Scientist, Pharmacist, and Chiropractors. In fact, any occupation dealing with mental, physical or emotional aspects of humanity is considered a health education career. Even fields like, medical transcriptions, medical office assistant, and certified nursing assistant fall under this title.

Training is essential when it comes to a health education career. From technical colleges and universities, to online facilities and specialized medical training, there are numerous ways to obtain the knowledge you need and/or the degree necessary for a career.

Health Administration, Geriatric Health, Public Health, Advanced Occupational Studies, Advanced Physician Studies, Health Education and Doctor of Physical Therapy are examples of the types of degrees necessary to obtain a health education career.

There are other forms of careers surrounding health education. A Master of Health Education degree is usually needed when someone chooses to do more than work in a health education career. This level of training takes someone from practicing in their chosen field to teaching it. These people are leaders in the health care industry.

Community health as well as environmental health is also very popular today. In order for people to be healthy, the world we live in must be healthy. In the US, government controlled programs like Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are two examples of how the health and well being of our workers as well as the environments we work in are being monitored.

So whether you choose the human or environmental element, benefits of a health education career are far-reaching to those who pursue it. Not only do you teach others the importance of maintaining good health, this is information you can use for all the years of your life and pass down for future generations.

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