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Importance of the SSAT Test

The Secondary School Admission Test is an important part of the admission procedure to a private or independent school. Sample questions from such tests can be seen on the SSAT website together with such things as test locations, fees needed and how to register on the internet.

The test is made of two sections – a small essay and multiple choice questions which test the capability to figure out mathematical equations as well as to apply and comprehend the language. The test includes synonym and analogy questions, as well as questions based on understanding many passages.

Making sure a child recognizes the exam format before it comes up so that they’ve the ability to go in with confidence on the day. This will help them comprehend what is needed without added mental stress. They have to practice beforehand. You might help your child with this on your own however this must be a disciplined effort. Not just glancing over while you’re doing something else.

You might like to call in a tutor who is familiar with what’s needed, such as reviewing mathematical formulas, increasing vocabulary, solving complex analogous relationships, etc. There are several sources available to prepare for the SSAT. Think about using a good tutoring company or a good online tutoring site.

An experienced on the web company can offer the same help for sometimes half the cost. The positive side of using an on the web program is that you can review the information an often as you need to. It’s like the perks of an at home tutor without the tutor actually being there.

Do not put too much pressure on your child, but at the same time they have to realize that this is a timed examination. They might need to be taught for instance that if there’s a question that is holding them up it is superior to omit it rather than give a wrong answer or waste time. It is probably superior to start this practice earlier and often, rather than make a mass effort nearer the day.

Even though the exam is only part of the admission process it is an important one as it will measure not just what your child knows, but their measures capacity to learn and will also show up any strengths and weaknesses.

Students with disabilities might submit for more time taking the test; however it does not apply to temporary conditions such as a sprained wrist. Accommodation can also be made for such things as needing massive print. If you child needs SSAT help check the eligibility rules for further information.

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