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Insurance: Continuing Education to Maintain a License

Whether selling health/life policies or auto/home policies, those in the field of insurance sales must stay current with any and all the guidelines and regulations of their practice to maintain their license, making insurance continuing education classes a must!

The world of insurance is a billion dollar industry that is heavily regulated by federal and state agencies. The average person relies on their agent to be able to discern and translate through all the confusing jargon and details. In order to keep up with these regulations and to help understand any new guidelines that may come along, agents regularly attend insurance continuing education programs. This not only helps an agent maintain their license but to also allows the agent to remain sensitive to the needs of current and incoming clients. An insurance agent with a current license will be aware of any new guidelines or laws that may have been passed and the effect they will have on the insured.

Requirements in an insurance continuing education program will vary by specialty. Those selling health/life insurance will have different needs than those who sell home/auto insurance policies. Those who provide flood insurance have even more specific needs. The needs in a program will also vary from state to state based on a variety of factors, including natural catastrophes that the area may be prone to. Regular attendance of insurance continuing education programs will allow an agent to stay on top of their game and serve their client’s interest and needs with ease.

The credits in an insurance continuing education program are measured in hours that are then recorded by the state through a ‘continuing education’ vendor who helps electronically record and update a licensee’s needed hours. This protects the consumer by making sure they have a capable insurance agent that is practicing within the confines of the law. An agent who does not meet the hourly needs will have their license revoked by the state.

Insurance agents must also renew their licenses periodically. When the time comes for a renewal on a license, it is not uncommon for those in the industry to also seek out an insurance continuing education program online. There are many accredited programs that meet the needs on state and federal levels. The needed hours are once again logged by an ‘education vendor’ that will report to the state under the licensee’s name. The ease and flexibility of these online programs allow for the agent to earn the needed hours without having to take time away from their busy practice.

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