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Jane Addams Vocational High School

Vocational schools are educational institutions that provide their students the basic trade skill or career training. In addition to that, vocational schools also provide their students with academic programs so that they will have accredited academic subject should they come to a decision to attend college. Most of the vocational programs and courses that are offered by educational institutions or vocational schools provide students with better job opportunities and a more lucrative future.

Some vocational schools have programs and courses that allow their students to take professional licmake sure examinations or at least make them qualified for better careers. One of those is the Jane Addams Vocational High School. The Jane Addams Vocational High School is one of the numerous vocational schools in New York. The said vocational school provides their students with all the knowledge that they will need to pass several vocational licmake sure examinations that are given by the State of New York. Most of the students who have completed a vocational course or have graduated in Jane Addams Vocational High School continued to college.

One of the most prominent features of the Jane Addams Vocational High School is that students in the 10th grade level are needed to select a particular trade that is primarily based on the five so-called houses of the school. The selections are as follows; barbering; business and legal studies; health care or nursing assistants; cosmetology; and hospitality and tourism.

In addition to that, the students of Jane Addams Vocational High School must also acquire at least 500 hours of apprenticeship or hands on experience on their respective industry aside from the standard academic programs. The 12th grade students are needed to do apprenticeship or hand on modules such as providing services free during weekends. This way, the students will get or acquire a first hand experience on their field of work.

Furthermore, the Jane Addams Vocational High School also provides their students with a particular module called Advanced Placement classes. These modules tackle various subjects such as history, government administration, the English language and environmental sciences. The students also have the option to substitute English with French or Spanish.

Aside from the things that are mentioned above, the Jane Addams Vocational High School is considered by its alumni as a good school whose main concern is to provide good quality education to their students. With Jane Addams Vocational High School you will be able to learn so many things in life.

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