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Speak Their Language, Know More About Applying for College

When applying for college, there is a need to learn what exactly these colleges talk about. You must learn their language in processing your applications.

A college application is a usual part of any college admissions system. To be able to fit into the competitive admissions system, you must understand how this works for most colleges and universities. One thing that will help students like you is through learning the different terms used in the applications for college.

College admission or university admission refers to the process wherein the student enters post-secondary education. In most countries, processing of college admissions starts in the last year of high school. There is no limit in the number of colleges or universities for applications as long as the student can pay the needed application fees.

The most common needs for colleges are accomplishment of the application form, high school records, test scores in SAT and ACT, essays and letters of recommendations, and a minimum application fee which may amount from thirty to seventy dollars.

The SAT and ACT actually refer to the aptitude tests that most high school students must take before getting into college. These can be taken more than once. These measure the student’s ability in certain academic subjects such as math, English, writing, science and reading.

The major factors in college admissions actually consist of good high school records of grades and passing test scores. However, the essays and letters of recommendation also have a bearing in getting into a college. Also the prestige of the high school is noted by admission departments of most colleges and universities.

While different schools have different admission policies there is the Common Application used. The Common Application is a standardized admissions application that are applicable in about three hundred colleges and universities across the United States which include prestigious and elite schools. This can be submitted via the internet. An advantage of the common application is that it eliminates or minimizes the paper works.

Most schools have an admission system wherein students can apply anytime rather than the most common deadlines. This way, the works of the admissions officers are made easier. The early decision program permits the students to apply a few months earlier than the usual application.

The early action program is when the student applies earlier and also gets the results earlier than usual. The rolling admission program which is used by many schools wherein they allow students to apply anytime between the fall and the spring and give them the results after a few weeks. This kind of admission helps the student apply in many schools not all at the same time, avoiding stress.

For applicants who are financially in need, there is the need-blind admission wherein the school disregards the ability of the student to pay. There are only a few schools that can meet the financial need of the students. Then you must inquire the school how large of the student’s numbers can they actually help. For college passers who are financially in need, colleges can actually offer them scholarships and financial aid.

Entering a prestigious university may be a little more difficult than less competitive schools. These schools are often referred to as the Ivy League. One factor that determines the prestige of a college or university is the annual ranking in some magazines such as the US News and World Report. Yearly, the different schools are ranked based on their performance, number of entrance passers, graduates and board passers.

The acceptance rates of most colleges and universities can be as low as ten percent or as high as one hundred percent. Having a hundred percent acceptance rate can also be called open admissions.

Yield protection refers to the method of colleges to use the maximum yield of student passers. This refers to the practice of wait-listing of applicants. Schools delay their firm decision on an applicant’s admission until sufficient information is provided by the applicant. Wait listing is also done when there are a large number of college passers and the school has to evaluate further the different applicants.

To be able to understand more the application process of your target school, visit their admissions office.

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