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Law School Admission Test

Time passes so very quickly. It seems like only a few years ago when I was sitting with my guidance counselor and my parents talking about what career path I wanted to take. I didn’t want to move to far from home so I selected to go to the University that was a half hour drive from my parent’s home. I had skills in working with people as well as accounting skills. I was not sure how I would use these skills, but I started general education classes and decided that I would make the career decisions as I progressed with my classes. I decided that I wouldn’t be happy working with numbers and budgets all day. I went the people route and became a social worker. I have used my math skills to do our tax returns each year.

Twenty five years have passed. I’ve a solid social work career a wonderful husband and two kids in college. My oldest son did not have any struggles in his career choice. I think he was a freshman in high school when he first started taking about the law school admission test. Whenever he mentioned the test he would be excited and stressed at the same time. He had heard that the law school admission test was extremely difficult, but that if you did well on it you would get massive allows from the various law schools. He started talking to his high school counselor about how to study for the law school admission test. The counselor told him that he needed to get his four year degree first and then worry about the advanced law degree.

My son is still planning on being an attorney. He has interviewed several attorneys and has asked for pointers on how to study for the test. They have given him some things to study and have told him to concentrate on his writing skills. Writing essays is essential in doing well in law school. The majority of the classes’ grade on writing essays and this is also part of the law school admission test. Initially my son was interested in getting a massive grant by doing well on the test. Now he is just hoping that he’ll pass the test and will be accepted by one of the schools. The attorneys have warned him that even if you are given a grant you have to maintain an extremely high grade point average to keep it. Most people who are given funding lose it in the second year because they can’t take the number of classes needed and maintain the grades needed. I’m hoping that he will do well on the test because he has never talked about any other career other than being an attorney.

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