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Law School Essay: Entrance Exam

There are people who touch our lives in one-of-a-kind ways. You might not realize how good a friend someone will become when you initially meet them, but there just seem to be certain people who we’re drawn to. These are people who we can rest around and share our inner thoughts and feelings with. A woman that I used to work with has become this type of friend to me. We are very different from each other in many ways. I’m organized, methodical and always on time or early with my work projects as well as for meetings. She flies by the seat of her pants most of the time. Her office is often so messy and cluttered, that she was written a corrective order to clean it up. Her reports are usually in just under the wire, and she’s usually the last person to enter the room for a meeting.

She has always had large dreams, and even though I love her dearly, I doubted that she would achieve them due to her poor organizational skills. However she was determined to be an attorney. She completed the entrance examination which included a law school essay. She did very well on the exam and was accepted at a law school in the metropolitan area. She was told that she did very well on the law school essay, which would be helpful to her in future testing as well as a career as an attorney, because there’s a great deal of writing that needs to be done in working with the law.

She soon understood why they emphasis the law school essay on the entrance exam. The majority of her classes had grades based on one or two written essays as the entire grade for the class. She couldn’t believe that she was needed to read and discuss hundreds of pages about the law, yet the entire grade of the class was based on the answer to one essay question. For some of the classes she would write for three hours to complete the question. She did well with her classes and after two years she had completed the course work and was ready to take the bar examination. As with the classes, the bar examination includes the law school essay. The bar takes two days to complete. The first day is a series of multiple choice questions. The second day is several timed essays. There are nine areas of the law that can be included on the test. Not all the areas are covered, however you do not know which areas will be included or excluded, so you need to be prepared for all the areas. She was able to pass the bar the second time she took it. She’s now a practicing attorney and enjoying her accomplishments.

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