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Mercy Vocational High School: Philadelphias Catholic Vocational Institution

Mercy Vocational High School is regarded the only Catholic vocational high school in America. Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, the vocational institution has been educating thousands of young men and women since its foundation in 1950.

The school is located in Philadelphia. It started as Mercy Technical School offering vocational education while at the same teaching values-based education. Its former site was located at the corner of Columbia Avenue and Broad Street. In 1972, the vocational school moved to its new location on West Hunting Park Avenue. Aside from changing its location, the schools administration as well as the Archdiocese of Philadelphia recognized the need to adapt to marketplace changes during that time.

The schools plan to offer a high school diploma to its graduates materialized in 1973. That year, the Mercy Vocational High School was conceived. Since then, it has grown its reputation in teaching vocational education as well as workplace values with excellence.

Mercy Vocational High School was heralded as one of the exemplary private secondary institutions in America in 1982. This recognition was given by the Council for American Private Education and the US Department of Education.

On May 1, 2000, the Vocational High School received full accreditation from the Middle States Association.

Mercy Vocational High School is a Catholic institution that also accepts non-catholic students. Its students are from diverse ethnicities. There are Caucasian, African American, Hispanics, Asian and multiracial. Its current statistics shows that there are more females than males in its student body.

Based on its current statistics, the school has average vocational class size of 15. Its average academic class size is numbered at 25. The school has a daily attendance rate of 97%.

Mercy Vocational High School currently offers eight vocational programs. They include business education, computer technician, cosmetology, construction carpentry, finish carpentry, culinary arts, commercial and residential electricity, HVAC/R and nursing assistant training. In addition to the current programs, the school offers Co-operative Education Program. This program is meant for seniors to acquire on-the-job experience. This serves as an extension of their educational curriculum.

Aside from vocational programs, the school includes academic curricula to its student body in grades 9-12.

Mercy Vocational High School is regarded as the valuable alternative to schools that offer comprehensive academic programs. It provides conducive and safe environment to its students for learning. The schools operation is under the administration of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.

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