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Ohio State University

Checking out the college scene yet? Hey, if so, congrats to you for choosing a higher education. This path can certainly lead you to much more promising careers than high school alone. The truth is in today and age it’s rather difficult to get along without a four-year degree. But you do not have to take my word for it. Simply get on the web and explore the range of jobs for those who lack a high education. There is really not a great deal to choose from. So unless, you want to wait tables, be a mechanic, or landscape your entire life, it’s time to research schools like The Ohio Say University.

It wasn’t until I moved to a small town in Ohio, that I realized The Ohio State University is the largest University in the United States. And by largest I mean that it has the most registered students. This isn’t a bad thing by any means. Whenever you’ve a University with thousands and thousands of students, you’d better believe that they offer great majors and have plenty of resources. Although I’m done with college life, I took a trip to The Ohio State University anyway. I was just curious about their campus and surrounding city of Columbus. Not to my surprise, The Ohio Say University campus is gorgeous, and the city of Columbus is the finest I have seen in Ohio thus far. It’s a very special setting with a beautiful German district and the old-school charm of brick streets. Naturally there’s a grand shopping center nearby called Easton Town Center that literally has each store you can imagine. This shopping mecha is like a city of it’s own. I was truly taken-back by it.

If you are interested in attending the largest University in the country, it’s time to check into The Ohio State University. Browse through their on the web site to see what programs are offered and what you can anticipate as far as tuition goes. From what I’ve seen and heard, The Ohio Say University is fairly affordable. Think 18 grand a year for total living costs as a full-time student. One thing I can state about this popular school is that you can’t beat the location. Not to mention every potential employer will know what school you graduated from.

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