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How to Become a Physical Education Teacher

If you have an affinity for fitness and also want to teach, then a career as a P.E. teacher may be ideal for you. Read on to learn how to become a physical education teacher. Like all teachers, you will need a bachelors degree. To teach physical education, your degree should be in Health and Physical Education. There are all kinds of different aspects of health and fitness you will learn about during your studies.

You may attend classes in Exercise Physiology, Teaching Methods, Health and Wellness and Kinesiology. In addition, you will be taking active courses in sports and activities like aerobics, tennis, golf, basketball and more. You will also be needed to be a student teacher or complete an internship. Of course the exact classes needed will vary depending on your state needs and what school you are attending. The important thing is getting adequate training and education on both physical activities and teaching. If you do not have experience coaching any sports teams, this can also help you in your studies. Not only will this give you experience leading a sports team, it will give you experience in dealing with youngsters.

Upon successful completion of your schooling, student teaching and certification, you are ready to obtain employment as a P.E. teacher. As this type of teacher your main job duties will be teaching physical education to students during school day hours. The number of classes you will teach each day depends upon the grade level at which you are teaching. Elementary school teachers normally teach between eight and ten classes that are approximately a half-hour in duration. Secondary school teachers usually teach around 5 classes per day that are an hour to an hour and a half in duration. Another part of teaching P.E. at a secondary school are health classes.

Other duties that physical education teachers may have to perform include coaching school sports teams, monitoring students during periods like lunch and after school, and participating in parent teacher conferences when necessary. P.E. teachers also plan field days at the end of the year, which are fun activities for students and teachers to celebrate the end of a school year. The average day for this type of teacher starts around 7 am and ends at approximately 3 or 4 pm. If all this sounds like a career you would enjoy, there are many colleges and universities where you can get your education and training.

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