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Private Universities

Do not forget about college! It might not feel like the most exciting route when you come out of high school, but try not to dismiss the importance of a higher education. For those of you who are stoked about college life, you’re in for a wonderful experience. I am sure you have already heard pros and cons about college life, but each experience is different. We all encounter, see and do different things. Now, the question you are probably struggling with is; what four-year university should you attend? This is a tough one. First of all, you may want to take into account the schools near by. What’s it you intend on majoring in? This is crucial. Find out what colleges offer that program, and which are the most recommended. You might come across private universities as well. All I have the ability to state here is; I hope you’ve some sort of scholarship or your parents are rich. You will need it for a private school.

The reason I always advocate local universities, if possible, concerns in-state tuition. If you attend a college and already reside in that state, you are much better off financially. Not only could you possible live with your parents, but you could also take full advantage of in-state tuition. Just by residing in that say, tuition fees are in your favor. You’d be amazed what universities charge out-of-state students. Since I attended a university outside of my home state, I actually went there and lived for a year before entering school just so I could receive in-state benefits. It’s much less pricey this way. And as far as private universities such as Duke in Durham, North Carolina goes; we’re speaking even more money. Not only are they very difficult to get into, but tuition is horrendous.

There is nothing wrong with public universities. You do have to get accepted to them, and you do have to earn a degree just like anyone attending private universities. Naturally there is an advantage to private universities considering they’re hard to get into. Once you graduate, potential employers will look at where you went to school and obtained your degree. However, as long as your diploma came from a reputable university, and you graduated with a decent GPA, you are good to go.

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