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School Apparel

In current years, school apparel has been a pretty casual thing. Basically, most communities in America nowadays seem to take it for allowed that teenagers will wear what they want to. I grew at a pretty laid-back climate, but even I’m surprised by some of the things I see teens wearing nowadays. Baggy pants which leave the underwear showing, excessively tight and revealing clothing, and shirts with messages advertising drug use are pretty common about town.

In this climate, people have really started to rethink school apparel. As a matter of fact, this year our school is the first one in the district to use high school uniforms. It started out as an idea in one of the parent council meetings I was attending. It was about a month ago. I commented that when I saw students wearing school spirit gear – such as during home-coming week – they seemed to be much superior behaved. When they dress superior, they adjusted their behavior and were more respectful at school. A lot of other parents and instructors had noticed the same thing.

Although most of us consider ourselves pretty progressive people, we wondered if school uniforms wouldn’t be a good idea to try out – at least for a while. After all, if school apparel is affecting students behavior, it only reasons that students who were dressed in uniforms would behave superior. We decided to put the idea to the test.

Let me tell you that shopping for school clothing with my teenage daughter was not much fun for either of us this year. She was furious with me, particularly when I told her that I had been the one to propose the idea of requiring a school uniform. Rather than getting all the stylish school clothes she usually got, she had to wear exactly the same outfit as everyone else. My daughter likes to express herself through her clothing, so this was a hard pill to swallow. Nevertheless, she got over it pretty swiftly.

The final verdict is not in, but so far the effects of school uniforms seem pretty clear. We have had less fights than ever before, and our students do not seem to be skipping class as much either. They find little ways to rebel by customizing their school apparel, but this isn’t a huge deal. The school even seems less clickish than it used to be.

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