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School Summer Programs

No one wants to go to school summer programs. Perhaps summer school tutoring is what they need, but it is no students idea of fun. Having worked in a school summer tutoring program, I know what it is like. Kids who we work with all year – children who love us – come in during the summer and do everything they have the ability to to let us know they don’t want to be there. I do not blame them, and I do not give them a hard time about it, but it is important for them to get work done. After all, summer school classes are there for a reason. For some kids, they aren’t a punishment – they’re a necessity.

There are many different kinds of school summer programs for many different needs. Some of them are more like summer camps than schools. A lot of these programs are designed for kids with behavioral issues – children who wants to go to summer camp, but need a more intense, supporting environment. Other times, the school summer programs are to tutor kids. This is the kind of program I work in. We don’t have group classes. Instead, we’ve one-on-one individualized tutoring. We help children with reading, math, writing, and other skills that they need to work on.

One of the things I like about the school summer program that I work for is that we get to work with each kid individually. There are some disadvantages to it, however. One of the great things about summer school classes is that kids get high school credit for them. A lot of the time, students with special needs cannot handle a full course load at once. By sending them to a summer school class, their parents are actually doing them a favor. It allows them to get some credits out of the way so that they have less work to do during the year.

This is why we encourage a lot of our children to go to school summer programs for high school credit. A lot of them make huge sacrifices for their education – sacrifices the normal children do not have to. Because of that they can’t read as easily as other students, they end up having to spend all summer working on it while other kids are playing. In the long run, however, many of them end up as some of the best students. They get used to adversity, and as such they learn not to give up when things get tough.

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