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Student Job Search

Have you ever met a absolutely independent person? Think of the traits of that person and multiple it by ten and you’ll comprehend the personality of my son. From the time he was able to speak he wanted to do things for himself. I do were his first two words. His independent spirit was both challenging and a blessing to live with. He would do things completely on his own and then inform his dad and me. He signed up for sports; he enrolled in community activities he decided upon a college and career. He made good, mature decisions so it was hard to become upset with him, yet we did not feel very needed in his life.

We were not surprised when he announced that he was in the process of finding an internship. He stated that he wanted to do something out of the ordinary so he was working with a student job search. He found out about a website from one of his professors. The student job search was available to help locate entry level jobs as well as internships. The student job search would give information on writing resumes as well as cover letters. My son was interested in doing an international internship. He thought it would be a great way to gain experience as well as see a different country. The prospect sounded exciting as well as a chance of a lifetime. We encouraged him to pursue this. We told him that we would help him with travel and lodging expenses. Of course given his independent nature we knew this would be difficult for him to accept. We concurred that he could pay us back once he was earning money from his career.

With the help of the student job search he found an internship in Britain. The internship was paid, which was great because it gave him money in his pocket to sightsee and explore during his free time. His hope is that once he is done with the internship he’ll be able to use the student job search to locate and entry level job in the United States. Having the international experience should be a plus on his resume as well as to help him develop personally. We know that he will adjust to being on his own because that is his nature. He did mention that it would be nice if we would come and visit him. We’re planning to do this. It will be great to see a part of the world that we have not been to before. His independent nature is allowing us to explore areas that have been beyond our comfort zone.

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