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Student Loans and Financial Aid

Are you stoked about this fresh quarter/semester? It is upon us folks, so if you’re planning on a few classes, I’d get busy. It’s always a drag trying to get into the ones you want at the last minute. College life waits for no one. This goes the same for student loans and financial aid. If you need it, you’d superior get on the ball. The truth is it’s always best to plan far in advance. If you know the earliest date to apply, DO IT. Do not procrastinate and wait around like you have all the time in the world. This is reality! You do not! High school is over with. The University lifestyle is completely different. It’s fast-paced, and if you slack off, you get burned. Take a look around at the thousands of other students. You are merely one in a huge crowd. So do not plan on any special treatment.

It took me a bit to catch on to the financial aid process. I was one of the many, who could certainly not afford college life without assistance. And no, I’m not speaking about the kind you get from your parents. They advised me to go about it on my own. My father told me that if I was forced to pay my own way, I’d strive for better grades. Today I believe he was correct. Since I did fund my own college, I worked my butt off to do well. Not that it’s easy with a part-time job on the side, and a child to raise. But, all things considered, I am proud of my graduating GPA. I always stayed above 3.00. Anyway, let’s talk finances. As I mentioned before, college can be pricy. You’ll most likely need to apply for student loans immediately. And by immediately, I mean way before your fall quarter/semester begins. This translates to somewhere between January and May. Whatever you do, do not wait until fall hits. You’ll never get the financial assistance you need. By this time, all who applied for student loans earlier will be getting their funds.

It’s no doubt a process. College life is something you’ve to get used to. But, like anything else it will become routine. This is why I only offer you one easy word of advice. Apply for student loans EARLY in the year! Make certain you are on the list of those who will receive much-needed aid. The late students never get their funds on time. The quarter will start, and they will have no cash to pay for tuition. YIKES!

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