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The Average Teacher Education Program

Becoming a teacher is a worthwhile pursuit. For many individuals it is very satisfying to teach children and know that a difference is being made in their lives and the world. If you want to be a teacher, the first thing you should do is decide what grade level you want to teach. From there, you can research and find the right teacher education program for you. It is important to find out what your local needs are for teachers, especially if you plan to pursue your education via distance learning. All teachers must have a bachelors degree and be licensed and certified, however the licensing and certification criteria vary.

Once you’ve decided the age range of the students you want to teach, it is time to begin searching for the right school. If you are right out of high school, you will probably go the traditional full-time college student route. In this case, there are many wonderful universities in every state that offer teaching programs. The first step is to obtain your associates degree, a prerequisite to getting your bachelors which every teacher must have. When you are studying for your bachelors degree, you will of course major in education but there is flexibility when it comes to choosing your minor.

Teacher Education Program
Teacher Education Program

Your minor should relate to the subject you want to teach, or the grade you want to teach. For example, a kindergarten teacher would not choose a subject to specialize in such as math or science, but rather something like early childhood development or early childhood psychology. A teacher in grade school, especially in the upper grades, may go for a specialty area as mentioned previously. This might be something like art, science, math, English, physical education — there are many possibilities.

During your education, you will also study at a school alongside a licensed teacher to gain on-the-job experience. A certain number of classroom hours may be needed as part of your certification. While every teacher education program has many of the same needs and criteria, there are some differences among them. This is where choosing your school of preference comes in, the experience at one college may be different from another. If you are an adult with a job and/or a family, you may want to investigate distance learning as an option. Distance learning allows you to complete your schoolwork on your schedule, which is imperative for many adults who work full time and/or are raising children.

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