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Choosing Between Teacher Education Schools

There are a vast number of teacher education schools all over the country. The hard part is not finding a school where you can obtain your needed degree and certification, but choosing between the different schools that offer the education you need. There are various factors to consider when applying to colleges and universities. Also, you should do some research on the needs for the type of teaching job you want. Most schools need a minimum of a Bachelors of Education plus state licensing and certification, however colleges and universities may need a master’s or doctorate degree.

A good place to start your search for teacher education colleges is The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) which is an organization that lists every accredited educational facility in the country where a student can pursue their degree in education. Their website is easy to use, you can get a list of all the schools in the country or by state. There are also many resources including forums, news and more that may be helpful to you. At the least you can narrow down your list of possible schools to attend.

Once you have a reasonable list of colleges that offer the education you need, you can start the decision making process by visiting their websites. College and university websites offer lots of information about the school and their academic programs. This may help you whittle down your list even further, and when you do it may be time to visit the schools you are most interested in for a tour and a consultation with an admissions officer. You may want to choose three or more schools to apply to just in case you do not get accepted to your first choice school.

There are many steps to go through when applying to teacher education schools. You will need to submit an official application to the school, and will also need prior transcripts from other educational institutions you have attended. The needs for admission to teacher education colleges depend on the school and the degree you are pursuing, for example a master’s degree will have more stringent needs than an associates or bachelors degree. Also during your admissions process you can get any information you need on financial aid including student loans, grants and available scholarship programs for which you can apply.

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