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The Truth about Online Degrees

Years ago you could get what was called a mail order diploma for all kinds of things. For example, you could be an ordained minister in a matter of weeks. In truth, these were hardly worth the paper they were printed on, but lots of people put up their hard earned money in hopes of getting one. Online degrees today are another whole story and a valid way to pursue your education while working or continue your education and get a higher degree.

The economy being what it is today, not a lot of people can afford to stop working and go to school full time. Many people may need an advanced degree to move up the ladder in their field and taking classes online is an excellent way to do this. The biggest advantage is that you can continue to work and do your class work at your convenience. Some high school graduates may choose to get online college degrees due to financial constraints. It just may not be practical for them to go to school without working. Especially if you are already working in your chosen field; it makes sense to check out the offerings of an online college or university to complete your education.

Truth about Online Degrees
The Truth about Online Degrees

I know that in the upstate New York area where I live, undergraduate courses are about $200.00 per credit. SUNY is an accredited college that offers over 500 undergraduate courses online and through 34 locations throughout the state. You can transfer credits from any accredited college towards your degree. You may also qualify for financial aid through grants, scholarships, loans, or employer tuition benefits. If you are working and getting your degree; there is a tax benefit as well. This is true in nearly every area of the country. Most colleges and universities are offering online classes in addition to regular classes. In some fields, you may need some hands on experience to complete your degree, but it can often be worked into your schedule so you can continue to work.

Most online college degrees include bachelors, associates, and master degree programs. These are not mail order diplomas, but real degrees that will have you on your way to your dream career in time. It may take you a bit longer to finish than if you attend classes full time, but the important thing is that you will have your degree. If you are just starting your education or your time in college was interrupted for some reason; there is no reason not to get back on track and get an online degree. You’ll be glad you did it.

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