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Vocational-Technical Schools: Secondary Institutions Teaching Technical Education

Vocational-technical schools are institutions found in Canada and in the United States. Also known as vo-tech schools, these are high school institutions that can provide vocational education and skills as well as traditional academia. These skills can help students land a job in vocational field after graduation in high school particularly those that cannot obtain higher education.

Vocational-technical schools are given accreditation similar to other forms of high school. Some of these institutions are either part-time or full-time. Part-time vocational-technical schools offer vocational and technical instructions to students. The other portion of the students academic education is obtained from the home school district.

Full-time vocational technical schools can provide vocational and technical education to high school students in one building or school district where students can also obtain their traditional education. This kind of institution mostly provides traditional academics during the first half of the day and technical training on the other half.

Various programs can be offered by a vocational technical school. They may include accounting and finance, auto collision technology, aviation technology, automotive technology, building trades, business technology, carpentry, childhood education, commercial arts, computing technologies, cosmetology, culinary arts, criminal justice, electronics, electricity, heating and air conditioning, fashion design, horticulture, masonry, machining technology, plumbing, logistics management, technical drawing and welding.

One of the vocational technical schools in America is UCVTHS. Known as Union County Vocational Technical High School is a vocational technical school that offers four-year full time technical and traditional academic programs. The Career and Technical Education Program is included in its high school curriculum. Its programs of technical education include, but not limited to building trades, public safety, communications, cosmetology, human services and culinary arts.

Union County Vocational-Technical School is a shared-time institution. Offered to juniors and seniors of Union County, New Jersey, the institution provides optional technical education to students who are also attending home high school.

Union Country Vocational Technical Schools can be found in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

There are other vocational technical schools that can be found in various counties and states in the US. This kind of institution may also exist in Canada.

Vocational technical schools can be an option for high school students who wish to learn technical skills which they can utilize after high school graduation. There are vocational programs that are in demand in particular area or state. Obtaining technical training can also help high school students in landing a job, either part-time or full-time while they take higher education at the same time.

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